KERI ORGANIZING is dedicated to providing personalized home organizing services that suit your needs and enhance how you live in and connect with, your home.

Keri’s clients are people of all ages who are moved or motivated by some kind of change in their lives.  They are busy individuals and families overwhelmed by their accumulation of “stuff”and people who feel their home isn’t working for them in some way.  They are seniors making adjustments to their lifestyle with big choices ahead of them and caregivers looking after their parents’ needs while raising their own children.

Keri Organizing provides the physical energy, plans, strategies and support to make way for change.  The organizing process is different for everyone; never the same but always positive in some way.  Clients find certainty and feel better as they set and meet their goals, make choices and move forward.

Some of the biggest changes in our lives start at home.  Find your starting point and make way for change with Keri Organizing.  Click here for more details about our services.