Start by saving  TIME, ENERGY and MONEY with Keri Organizing.

Here is a general list of our services and the important details we can assist with:

  • Action plans and hands-on support to clear and prepare a home for sale
  • Assembling, sorting, arranging and tidying up belongings
  • Help with determining what items to keep, give away, sell or donate
  • Documenting items for appraisal
  • Removal and recycling of unwanted items
  • Coordination of outside services to care for and maintain a home in times of change
  • Arranging and managing the details of a move
  • Support with settling in and adjusting to a new home

An In-Home Lifestyle Consultation with Keri starts the organizing process.  This will be an opportunity for you to identify and discuss your needs and have any questions answered. It will also ensure that Keri gets a clear picture of what your vision is and how Keri Organizing can be of greatest value to you in the organizing process.

Following the visit, Keri will provide you with a summary of the discussion, a framework of how she can help and other relevant and useful tips to prepare you for the changes ahead.

Getting your ducks in a row with Keri Organizing is a collaboration.  It is a plan designed around you, your needs and your vision.

Have questions about our services?  Call Keri at 604.499.8850 or email her at keriorganizing@gmail.com