Who is Keri?

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Keri Lynn Komarniski


Who is Keri?

Keri’s affinity for “the order of things” began back in the 70’s while helping her parents to itemize and display giftware, beads, jewelry, crafts, clothing and souvenirs (and every other knick knack known to man and woman) in their retail stores.  This led to many adventures including owning her own gift store and moving to Vancouver to work as a corporate retail merchandiser and then as an art department coordinator in film.

In 2008, Keri sought a new direction in her career and created a business plan that combined her organizing skills and life experiences. Having had the influence of her 4 grandparents well into her 30’s,  Keri became focussed on the importance of life stories and quality of life.  It coincided with her belief that a home tells our story and that our connection to our home enriches our lives.  She started Yellow Bird Professional Organizing in Vancouver, dedicated to helping seniors preparing to downsize and / or relocate.  (The name ‘Yellow Bird’ (inspired by the nostalgic tune of the same name) was meant to pay homage to the past as one does when sorting through a lifetime of belongings).

Just a few months later she was called back to her hometown in Manitoba to help tend to her grandmother and manage the important matters of her estate.  She decided to stay awhile and over the next 4 years, operated her organizing business and returned to college to receive her certification as a General Counsellor.  Her studies and personal experiences were life changing and affirming.

Having returned to her favourite city of Vancouver, Keri now organizes under the new company name: Keri Organizing.

In working with clients she has discovered that positive outcomes such as certainty, clarity and empowerment can be found in the process of change.  While many of us associate change with stress and fear of the unknown, Keri sees it as an opportunity to realize and communicate our needs,  get back to basics,  make choices and start anew.

It is her firm belief that through the many benefits of preparation and organization, we honour the changes in our lives.